New York – Part 1


So inspired by so many but especially Claire of and Lauren of and Sally I am aiming to kickstart my blogging. So please bear with me as Im not used to wordpress yet and I havent had time to put in everyone’s blog addresses that I read and get inspiration from. Also just previewed and havent worked out how to rotate the pics etc.

I comment on a lot of things and do attend some of the plus fashion things but I havent took the full step into blogging, but I thought why the hell not. Most people know me by my Cruella twitter name so i have renamed it too. Its probably not going to be wildly frequent and I can guaruntee the photos wont be as good as Claires or many others but I did start the husband off on his tutorial while I was away. So we may get there.

I have recently come back from a trip to New York so I thought that was probably the perfect thing to start on.

On the plane over I thought you probably cant get a happier time than on the flight out to a trip to New York. So I took the advantage to watch Shame on the plane. It was amazing but bloody hell was I glad I picked a happy time to watch it. Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan are both truly wonderful. There are bits in it where you can just feel the despair of both of them. If you havent seen it do, but really pick a happy time.

Part of our holiday was to renew our vows. The husband and I have been married 4 years now and our wedding was brilliant but a bit frantic. I didnt have the time before to give the attention I wanted to our vows and pretty much ad-libbed. I really wanted to make this up to the husband and recognise that 4 years in we love each other even more than the day we married. Sorry, stomach churning `I know. He also is the romantic in our relationship and does so much for me. So I organised this as a secret with the reverend who married us. I had booked a small community garden in the East Village for the ceremony which looked lovely on the web.

This was all secret. So fashion wise this had to be all done on the hoof, so no flowing dress etc for me. I really did want this to be casual and intimate. I did get a bit of grief packing of the why are you taking that variety!

So even though on the day we had a glorious sunny day I was determined to wear my Anna Scholz for Simply Be jacket and I brought the tiara from my wedding day. I very much had to literally plonk this on as my husband walked into the garden in front of me and saw the Reverend.

I wore

Jacket – Anna Scholz for Simply Be
Top – GAP Pure
Jeans – High Rise skinny by Very
Shoes- Evans

It really was a lovely ceremony. The husband was completely shocked. The Garden was beautiful and he was really pleased.

This picture pretty much sums us up



As a second wedding breakfast we went to a great Mexican in the East Village and had Enchiladas and big Margaritas.



Afterwards we went to the Big Gay Ice Cream shop a couple of blocks along on East 7th street where there are huge queues at about 11 at night. Amazing ice cream


On the same street I found a brilliant little shop selling jewellery by small designers call The Shape of Lies that has all been cast and made in New York. I saw this little man in the window and had to have him.

He is silver and gold plated, just the nicest thing. You can wear him long and short. Hes carved like a proper bear but on roller skates. While I was there I also had to have this Tatty Devine esque necklace which was very reasonable.


On the same street was some great vintage shops which had some pretty reasonable stuff in there. I really would recommend the East Village. Its relaxed and has great shops for one off, small designers and vintage. Its a bit of a maze and if you find somewhere you like make sure you get the address as you will never find it wandering around again. We wanted to go to a bar called Death and Company on East 6th street but as we didnt have any government issued id we couldnt get in. I thought he was taking the piss at first but apparently this is quite common as the City is using it as an income generator to issue fines where not everyone has an id in bars. We did get there later in the week but we went to the Bourgeois Pig in the next street which was also great. There are lots of speakeasy style cocktail bars in NY at the moment. Again the East Village around 1st and 2nd Avenue is great for bars and restaurants but apparently dont go over further than Avenue B.

So first blog entry done! I will talk a bit more re the shopping on the next one. All comments appreciated. It will get better as it goes along.


5 thoughts on “New York – Part 1

  1. Love this post! Really like the story behind your trip, as an old romantic, the sentiment is just lovely! Also tres jealous of your Anna Scholz jacket, one of a few things I’ve been sorry to not have managed to bag for myself!

    The whole holiday looks amazing – I am obsessed with New York, but as yet havent managed to go and it looks like you’ve managed to find all those hidden away places that true New Yorkers manage to find (I know a few natives so I intend to tap them up for where to go if I was ever to make it over!)

    Have to say, the jewellery looks gorgeous…exactly up my alley, so to speak, and can’t wait to see how you style them in an outfit, given how fab you look in the outfits you’re working in this post, and what I’ve seen you in before!

  2. Yey! Congratulations on an excellent first post. I too love the cobalt shoes and top (might have to steal that look lol!)
    Your wedding vow renewal sounds beautiful and the garden really was lovely, there’s nothing wrong with being an old romantic!
    w x

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