Weekend Staple

As promised Im keeping it up. Its a grey woeful weekend so I have taken comfort in my signature weekend staple. I love Breton tops. I think I now own about 6. I have even ventured away from the blue and white variations into red and white. This outfit tends to be the norm but I do also wear them with pencil skirts for work and al la Alexa Chung with a Burberry style mac.


Photos are once again by the Husband taken with the ipad so a wee bit sketchy


Jacket – New Look Inspire
Breton Top – Very South Range
Jeans – Very high waist Superskinny South Range
Necklace – The Shape of Lies
Bag – GAP

You can also get a better look at my lovely little man that I bought in New York. Im so in love with this necklace.


Im off now to collect my Asoc curve order from the local newsagents, so will let you know what that is like.

I have also set up a selling blog cruellasells so have a look if you want to. Im selling some Beth Ditto too. Will also put some stuff on ebay.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Staple

  1. That makes three of us! Breton stripes are always my go-to top, but I do really need a burberry esque mac to really rock the look….I’ve spied one at work that is gorgeous, I’m now waiting for clothing to have a 20% off event again!

    But the necklace looks even better on….excellent buy! And I really am loving your blog, so far so flipping good!

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