Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

So week 3 and I have successfully managed to blog every week on time! Despite having to improvise on the photos etc. I have really enjoyed this and the challenge has given me the discipline to do this.

Lets do the outfit first. This is very much out of my comfort zone. I managed to get it at the Anna Scholz sample sale. I had loved it when I saw it in her collection but it was so not me that I didnt really consider getting it. When it sat there at the sample sale, one on its own I took it to try. I tried it on and liked it but thought, nah its not me. The reason why this is not normally me or in my comfort zone is, the ruching and detail down the middle ( Im strictly a bit of ruching 40’s style pulling in to one side of the waist), the colour palette and the fact its a fairly in your face print.

But, I kept going back to it and trying it on again and thinking mmm I like it. The dress was such a steal on its original price that I decided to take a chance on it.


I picked a really great week to wear this temperature wise, its bloody freezing and the dress is Anna’s amazing stretch silk. So I teamed it with leggings. Sorry the shoes came off but they were a pair of Nine West’s classic pointy toe courts.


As the dress does the talking I toned down the accessories this week


The necklace I got when I went to New York last year


This is a detail of the print


So outfit wise

Dress – Anna Scholz White Label
Leggings – Evans
Necklace – The Shape of Lies NY

The other thing that happened this week was that I went to a brief bit of British Plus Sized Fashion Weekend. I had really been in two minds about this from the start. I kind of applaud them for wanting to have a high profile mainstream approach to plus size fashion. I wasn’t so keen on the way that I did feel this event was excluding the people who are excluded from mainstream fashion. I wasnt very keen on the idea of the blogger only press day. Bloggers play a really important and influential part in taking forward plus fashion but it just didnt sit right with me. I did also not like the lack of acknowledgment of the work that both Plus London 1& 2 and Plus North have done.

Im a bit of a crap blogger and never seem to get on the right PR lists, so it was really important to me that I felt completely included and that my opinion was valid. Which was very much how the Plus London events were. I have also made some amazing friends through this.

However I was impressed that the fashion show had attracted some designers that I was really interested in. Namely One One Three and Cult of Cali. So I decided to buy a ticket for the fashion show, which was £20. It also gave me the chance to look at the marketplace and hopefully buy the 113 dress I was eying up.

Unknown to me my husband had got theatre tickets for Valentines. Kristen Scott-Thomas no less in Old Times. So I was really under a time pressure to get in look at the marketplace see about 45 mins of fashion and shoot out to get to theatre. I got there just before 5, so I thought a good hour to chat and look at the fashion. The market place was in a smallish hall that was pretty crowded and had a mixture of stalls, some selling cupcakes. I have to say I do agree with buttercupsfrocks on this point re this being a bit of pastiche.

Unfortunately, 113 wasnt even there that day ( only the exclusive press day) and cult of cali and the amazing Jen in the amazing Galaxy dress was packing up her stuff to take it upstairs for the fashion show. In fact a few people were packing up. So if you arrived for the fashion show you weren’t really getting the best of the market place. So disappointing.

We werent allowed upstairs for the fashion show until close to 6. There was nowhere to sit down and relax or refreshments. So lots of us stood crowded waiting in a stuffy corridor. Once again the best thing was the people there. The amazing Bethany ( my arched eyebrow), Boombands Em (oh the places you’ll go) , Amy Simon (These girls turn heads), Danielle (Danielle Varnier) , Becky (Mrs Be Be)and I met Buttercup. My bloody wordpress link thing is not working so please look up their links. It was great to see them and generally amazingly dressed women. This was the best bit of the day for me and I think many others.

Eventually they let us in to the runway. I was excited to see the clothes and the designers and Velvet whose Volup2 magazine is amazing. Even if I wouldnt get to see it all.

Oh no ladies! We had a very late start. Around 6.30 the mc came on, a female comedian in an ” I dont want to be a size zero t-shirt. Who made I felt, inappropriate comments well reported elsewhere about thin women. Time was a ticking. I though well maybe I might get to see 10 mins. No, we then had the deputy mayor giving a speech. At 6.40 I could hold on no longer and had to exit seeing none of the fashion. As I was going down the stairs the first set of models were waiting to come in. So £20 not a brilliant market place & no fashion show. Apart from seeing the other women, pretty much a waste of time for me. I do feel if your going to charge people a not insubstantial amount £45 for the day. You have to be organised better than this, particularly if your touting yourself as the premier plus size fashion event. Yes fashion shows run late, but we weren’t sitting waiting for Anna Wintour to dash over from the Tom Ford show, and we were being charged for the pleasure! I wont comment on the show as I had to leave and others have done this really well.

I really hope this continues and the more fashion based events the better but the organisation really need to improve and I think the ethos needs a bit of a rethink.

Lastly as always I will close with the now I think expected puppy porn. As the accessories are low key he’s helping showcase the print and fabric.


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6 thoughts on “Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

  1. You look fabulous in the Anna Scholz! What a fantastic cut, I would have not considered it but it looks fantastic on you. I always find it a little depressing that my best dresses – except one notable exception – are so expensive, but then we are supposed to get what we pay for! The exception? – a H & M black shift dress I have had for about 16 years. Looks amazing

  2. I envy you that dress. It’s beautiful on you and the colours are to die for. (Though I too am a ruches-to-one-side kind of a gal).

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