Return of the Lost Blogger

A few weeks ago Claire from a monkey fatshionista came over to try out a bit of video blogging.  After a long chat about plus size fashion which kept being disrupted by my dog Porthos breaking continuity her lovely husband Rob was press ganged into taking a few photos for me to allow me actually put up a blog post.

They were slightly lacking in preparation for me, hence the mad ungroomed hair etc.  They are however very good and gives me a chance to actually blog again.

My husband Andrew just can’t be bribed into taking photos of me, I have a camera that doesn’t have the swivel round screen or a decent tripod so I guess I have slipped into doing a lot of instagram.

Its nice to be able to share some words too, so I’m going to try and find a work around on this one.

I thought I would start with this jumpsuit.  I really fancied the idea of a jumpsuit  this summer after being given one last year by Em which I unexpectedly really liked.  I have tried about 6 to get to one that I wanted to keep.  I loved the Cut for Evans jumpsuit but it just wasn’t good on me.  Pleats in the wrong places.  I also tried another couple of asos ones and a New Look inspire one before getting to this.  The main problem for me was that the legs were just too baggy or wide on most of them.  I have slim legs and being fairly small need to keep to a fairly fitted leg.

I love this one


The jumpsuit is from Asos Curve & is really comfortable.  What I love about it is you can dress it up or down.  It looks great with a biker jacket but becomes very 70’s disco with a pair of wedges and some gold jewels.    I have my eye on a black Junarose one now too.  

The necklace is from Topshop and the shoes are an Evans pair from last year.


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