3 Days of Heat ……& a wedding

This weekend has been extremely hot and humid in London. Im not a huge lover of summer in London for many reasons but this is probably the main one.  The other is that I have never been a summer clothes lover.  I just love Autumn Winter.  Summer meh!  So its always a bit of a challenge to dress how I like in the summer.  Im still dreaming of Prague, minus temperatures, huge Cos jumpers & fur hats.  So a summer wedding is even harder.

At the end of last month we went to a family wedding in a beautiful place called Ardfern, near Oban in Scotland.  The wedding was a lovely day, the best thing being able to reconnect with family who due to the miles between us we don’t get to do very often.

Like summer Im not good with weddings.  The traditional type of wedding outfit just doesn’t appeal to me or suit me.  So thank God for the rise of the maxi dress in the last few years.  i love maxi dresses.  They are comfortable, can add a bit of drama and best of all you don’t need tights.


The dress is by Simply Be . Its from last year and i don’t think its available any more but you may be able to pick one up on ebay. If you can its worth it. Its an amazing dress that was pretty expensive but is a classic very fitted style that looks amazing on. You may want to size up if you are looking for it. It also came in Raspberry. The jacket is from Marks and Spencer. The hair is carefully given the wrecked tousled look by the Scottish wind and a bit of a shower.

Back to the heat. Its been as i say muggy and hot the past few days in London. In the real heat i almost always turn to my Anna Scholz dresses. This week particularly the sunset print silk dress. There is an earlier blog post on this one but I will put a picture at the end. Anna’s dresses are amazing in the summer. The prints, the silk, the stretch in the silk along with the cut make them a dream to wear. This is one of my vintage Anna dresses and I have had this a few years now but I do not wear it nearly enough. I confess to having to tweet Anna to work out how to do the straps. Im determined to wear this winter with a cashmere jumper and biker jacket. The print is beautiful it yellow lilies on a black background. The pictures are once again by Claire’s lovely husband.

Anna Scholz maxi

Rob’s photo’s are so great I also have to use this one in black and white too

Vintage silk Anna Scholz dress & Porthos

Vintage silk Anna Scholz dress & Porthos

I love the expression on Porthos face in this one. He is developing a habit of trying to work his way in to blog post photos but thats fine.

In the spirit of truing to get wear out of this I added a t-shirt on top too

Vintage Anna Scholz maxi dress

Vintage Anna Scholz maxi dress

As mentioned earlier this is the sunset dress which you can see in an earlier post.


Thanks for reading & if your new have a look at my other posts



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