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3 Days of Heat ……& a wedding

This weekend has been extremely hot and humid in London. Im not a huge lover of summer in London for many reasons but this is probably the main one.  The other is that I have never been a summer clothes lover.  I just love Autumn Winter.  Summer meh!  So its always a bit of a challenge to dress how I like in the summer.  Im still dreaming of Prague, minus temperatures, huge Cos jumpers & fur hats.  So a summer wedding is even harder.

At the end of last month we went to a family wedding in a beautiful place called Ardfern, near Oban in Scotland.  The wedding was a lovely day, the best thing being able to reconnect with family who due to the miles between us we don’t get to do very often.

Like summer Im not good with weddings.  The traditional type of wedding outfit just doesn’t appeal to me or suit me.  So thank God for the rise of the maxi dress in the last few years.  i love maxi dresses.  They are comfortable, can add a bit of drama and best of all you don’t need tights.


The dress is by Simply Be . Its from last year and i don’t think its available any more but you may be able to pick one up on ebay. If you can its worth it. Its an amazing dress that was pretty expensive but is a classic very fitted style that looks amazing on. You may want to size up if you are looking for it. It also came in Raspberry. The jacket is from Marks and Spencer. The hair is carefully given the wrecked tousled look by the Scottish wind and a bit of a shower.

Back to the heat. Its been as i say muggy and hot the past few days in London. In the real heat i almost always turn to my Anna Scholz dresses. This week particularly the sunset print silk dress. There is an earlier blog post on this one but I will put a picture at the end. Anna’s dresses are amazing in the summer. The prints, the silk, the stretch in the silk along with the cut make them a dream to wear. This is one of my vintage Anna dresses and I have had this a few years now but I do not wear it nearly enough. I confess to having to tweet Anna to work out how to do the straps. Im determined to wear this winter with a cashmere jumper and biker jacket. The print is beautiful it yellow lilies on a black background. The pictures are once again by Claire’s lovely husband.

Anna Scholz maxi

Rob’s photo’s are so great I also have to use this one in black and white too

Vintage silk Anna Scholz dress & Porthos

Vintage silk Anna Scholz dress & Porthos

I love the expression on Porthos face in this one. He is developing a habit of trying to work his way in to blog post photos but thats fine.

In the spirit of truing to get wear out of this I added a t-shirt on top too

Vintage Anna Scholz maxi dress

Vintage Anna Scholz maxi dress

As mentioned earlier this is the sunset dress which you can see in an earlier post.


Thanks for reading & if your new have a look at my other posts


Return of the Lost Blogger

A few weeks ago Claire from a monkey fatshionista came over to try out a bit of video blogging.  After a long chat about plus size fashion which kept being disrupted by my dog Porthos breaking continuity her lovely husband Rob was press ganged into taking a few photos for me to allow me actually put up a blog post.

They were slightly lacking in preparation for me, hence the mad ungroomed hair etc.  They are however very good and gives me a chance to actually blog again.

My husband Andrew just can’t be bribed into taking photos of me, I have a camera that doesn’t have the swivel round screen or a decent tripod so I guess I have slipped into doing a lot of instagram.

Its nice to be able to share some words too, so I’m going to try and find a work around on this one.

I thought I would start with this jumpsuit.  I really fancied the idea of a jumpsuit  this summer after being given one last year by Em which I unexpectedly really liked.  I have tried about 6 to get to one that I wanted to keep.  I loved the Cut for Evans jumpsuit but it just wasn’t good on me.  Pleats in the wrong places.  I also tried another couple of asos ones and a New Look inspire one before getting to this.  The main problem for me was that the legs were just too baggy or wide on most of them.  I have slim legs and being fairly small need to keep to a fairly fitted leg.

I love this one


The jumpsuit is from Asos Curve & is really comfortable.  What I love about it is you can dress it up or down.  It looks great with a biker jacket but becomes very 70’s disco with a pair of wedges and some gold jewels.    I have my eye on a black Junarose one now too.  

The necklace is from Topshop and the shoes are an Evans pair from last year.

The Cosmo Chattermonkey Challenge

Well He-lllllo!

Hard to believe I know but yes a blog post. I have changed jobs recently and now seem to have a slightly better work life balance and one of the things that I really want to do is start blogging again. My beloved photographer is still not keen on taking the photos so we need to get round that but the dog is itching to get back into the jewellery modelling, so needs must.

Claire saw this article on Cosmopolitan about whats it like being a fat woman. The answers are quite interesting and she was keen to see how representative they are. So some have us have undertaken to answer them. Can I stress the below is my personal views and based on my own experience & there are no rights and wrongs here.

How do you feel when other women around you complain about feeling/being fat?

It varies depending on the person. it does annoy me when its someone who is pretty slender as its usually loaded with negative connotations. They arent fat and its usually a cue for you to tell them “Oh don’t be silly, your not at all”. Most of the time I pretty much ignore it. i certainly never get into the comparisism with myself.

How has your body image changed since high school? College?

Yes Im much more confident and positive about it now. Ive never considered myself even now as a pretty woman but I do think Im attractive. I do feel that a lot of that is to do with confidence and who you are as person. When Im on good form Im interesting, Im funny, I have stuff to say and Im a bit of a challenge. I occasionally smoke cigars(which men seem to find fascinating) and I probably 90% or more dont really consider my size. When I was younger I didnt consider myself attractive at all really and I think I missed out because of that. I had boyfriends but particularly at Uni, I think I missed out on developing friendships with people I thought were probably a bit too cool for the fat girl. Looking back there were clearly some guys who were interested in me but I just didnt ever consider they would or could be and didnt follow up any cues.

Have you tried dieting? What happened?

i have lost a few stones at one point doing weight watchers. Over the past 18 months I have probably lost a couple dress sizes and kept it pretty constant. I think a lot of this is due to having a wheat and gluten intolerance and I dont eat much bread, cake or biscuits any more. Much less pasta etc. The lifestyle change approach seems to work for me. I would like to loose a bit more weight and ideally would like to be a 16/18. Mostly I want to be fit again and get back to the gym. Hopefully with this change of job that will happen.

Do you think in your case your weight is partly or entirely genetic?

I think its a combination. My mum and me have very similar body shapes. However I also recognise it has also to do with what I eat.

Do you consider yourself healthy? Have there been instances where people assumed you were unhealthy?

I am relatively healthy. i have no major health problems but my level of fitness isnt great at the moment and I need to address this.

I think there is a general assumption by people that as a fat women you are unhealthy. This includes GP’s who will link every problem you have back to your weight. When I was pretty fit and going to the gym a lot. I used to do a lot in the water and people would underestimate how fit I was. I did a running class in the water which was quite difficult. It developed a bit of a macho rep at the gym and i used to love the faces of the aggressive guys in the class when the fat girl would easily breeze past them. Especially when they went under trying to catch you up, running too fast when their legs werent strong enough.

Are your parents both supportive of you at the weight you’re at? Have they always been?

I love my mum and I think she always had my best interests at heart but weight was an issue growing up. There were lots of comments around ” you have a really pretty face, if you lost weight youd be . . .” and “Yes but you cant wear that its for thin girls”. It did affect my confidence and I think is part of the reason I never considered myself attractive when I was younger. If I had a daughter I would work really hard to combat the crap that your confidence or value is linked to your looks or size. I would daily make sure I somehow worked a confidence builder into their day.

However it probably did contribute to my sense of style. I think my mams reasoning was if I was thin I could dress like everyone else. I remember one day her saying to me, “If you lost weight, you could buy stuff off the market like Angela (made up name to protect the innocent).” I was horrified! I have to say by the concept of buying stuff off the market ( always had tastes running to the luxe), dressing like Angela or even dressing like everyone else.

My dad has never made an issue about my weight but I know they both worry about my health and probably wish I was thinner.

How do you think retailers can improve clothes for plus-size people?

How long have we got on this one?

I think just seeing us a valuable market would be a key one. If we were valued, they would listen more and be willing to produce more of what we want.

I hate not really being able to have a high street experience any more. Its like we really are not worth the use of valuable floor space. There are such negative connotations around being fat or plus size most retailers dont want to tarnish their brand. It never ceases to amaze me that Topshop dont have an extended size range.

I think for me its still the lack of choice and quality. There are still very defined plus size shapes and looks. My own personal nemesis being the fecking skater skirt or dress. I like a minimal, edgy, tailored look with a slim silhouette. Very hard shape to buy for in plus size. Its just not a style thats seen as an acceptable plus shape & things just dont get produced.

I also get wound up that certain key stories or looks just dont get picked up every season by plus retailers. They tend to pick one or two trends and all do it to death. In mainstream fashion you have such a level of choice its not so limiting but in plus size its very difficult.

This season is going to be a mare for me. I pretty much dislike most of the key trends anyway btu I know the plus choices are gong to awash with only vomit inducing pastels and lary prints. In skater style I bet. Also, things are always at least one or two seasons behind. I want fashion forward! I want it now!

Do you think plus-size women are judged differently than plus-sized men are? How?

I do. i think unfortunately still in society womens value is still too tied up with how they look. I think judgements about fat women bleed over into their professional life more than a fat man.

Having said that I think its getting harder for guys and some of the same judgements are being applied to them by both men and women.

Do you think there’s an assumption made/stereotype that exists about plus-size people? How would you respond to it?

I think there are lots of stereotypes and assumptions linked to your health, energy and personality.

I try to challenge them when ever possible. I draw the line however at pretending to be a miserable git to challenge the jolly fat person stereotype.

Do you think there’s ever a right way or time to express concern about someone’s weight?

I think this is a fairly complex issue and I would only do it to someone I knew really well & I cant imagine that their weight would be the only aspect of my concern.

What are the worst things people have said to you about your body?

Its just the usual crap we all have had. The standard name calling bollocks and smart arse groups of guys. I havent really suffered much from it to be honest as I think being fairly confident and happy does limit this a bit.

One of the things that did piss my off in the last couple of years was a group of guys being arseholes. I was coming out of the opera (cultured northern monkey) with my friend on St Martins Lane and a group of guys on a stag do actually thought I was dumb enough to stand and let them take a picture of me and my friend with their arm draped around me.

How did you respond?

On that occasion I really gave them a hard time and insisted they f*ck off out of my sight. My husband is a good looking guy and I gave them all a very detailed critical appraisal of how far short they fall of him and that none of them were any kind of guy I would look twice at. I then managed to convince him that my husbands station is Charring Cross nick and if they didnt mover their arses quickly out of our sight I would get one of his mates down to put the groom to be in nick for the night. They moved tail between their legs, pints abandoned and we stayed.

It upset my friend.

I always challenge people being arseholes male or female. Im fairly mouthy and quick on my feet and Im proud to say I have faced down groups of and single guys who have tried to be derogatory and come off the best usually making them look like pricks. I particularly like it when some dim guy is goaded by his mates to come over and try to to take the piss and you can turn it around and end up with their so called mates laughing at them.

The main reason I do it is because I genuinely dont give a f*ck what they say but I do know for some people they find this very difficult. I just hope I make them think twice about doing it again.

What have people said (or do you wish they’d say) that would compliment your body or appearance?

People say nice stuff to me all the time. I love it when women who’s style I admire complement me on my style or what Im wearing. My lovely husband compliments me and still looks at me like Im something amazing. Thats all I need.

Do you find yourself hanging out with women who are closer to your size?

Not specifically. I have friends of all sizes. I have made some amazing friends though from the plus size community. They are great women and its about that really the plus size community just put us together really.

How has your weight affected your sex life, if at all?

No I cant say it has in all honesty.

When you’ve been single, has your weight affected your dating life?

It did when I was younger as mentioned above, but not since my mid 20’s. I have been with my husband for over 10 years now so it all feels very gladly distant to be honest.

Do you feel weird if the guy you’re with only dates larger women?

Not necessarily. Everyone has preferences and that might just be his. If that was the only reason they were with me, they wouldnt have lasted long.

Do you feel weird if he’s only dated slimmer women before you?

No, not at all. I went out with several guys that fitted that description. I dont really ever think guys went out with me for looks alone.

So there you go!

Feels nice doing a blog again. There are lots of other amazing women doing this tonight too. The list is below

Becky Barnes
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Please read their responses too. I may not have got the links working properly tonight. So copy in the URL, but bbc2 and Line of Duty calls. I look forward to reading everyone’s answers.

Pop Yo Colour

Im really sorry this is a week late. I have had yet another cold which laid me low and just a bit of general malaise. I have really enjoyed this work wear challenge so I was determined to do it, even if late. Im now also late with this week but it will be done by the end of the week.

This week its about wearing a bit of colour. This dress is a bit of a favourite of mine, its really easy to wear and dress up or down. Its quite structural and fluid so its not that easy to photograph. It kind of moves with you.

Its a Mary Portas dress which is sold in House of Fraser. I would really suggest that you give Mary Portas a look. A lot of shapes are cut oversizes and the quality is really good. The shapes are simple and well cut. Its worth going into the shop and trying on as this dress is a size 16.


The colour is a good strong cobalt blue and you can change the look of it with different accessories. Today I wore it with my Tatty Devine dinosaur teeth necklace.


I was lucky enough to get this necklace at the Tatty sample sale for £20! A steal.


Lastly this weeks puppy porn


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Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

So week 3 and I have successfully managed to blog every week on time! Despite having to improvise on the photos etc. I have really enjoyed this and the challenge has given me the discipline to do this.

Lets do the outfit first. This is very much out of my comfort zone. I managed to get it at the Anna Scholz sample sale. I had loved it when I saw it in her collection but it was so not me that I didnt really consider getting it. When it sat there at the sample sale, one on its own I took it to try. I tried it on and liked it but thought, nah its not me. The reason why this is not normally me or in my comfort zone is, the ruching and detail down the middle ( Im strictly a bit of ruching 40’s style pulling in to one side of the waist), the colour palette and the fact its a fairly in your face print.

But, I kept going back to it and trying it on again and thinking mmm I like it. The dress was such a steal on its original price that I decided to take a chance on it.


I picked a really great week to wear this temperature wise, its bloody freezing and the dress is Anna’s amazing stretch silk. So I teamed it with leggings. Sorry the shoes came off but they were a pair of Nine West’s classic pointy toe courts.


As the dress does the talking I toned down the accessories this week


The necklace I got when I went to New York last year


This is a detail of the print


So outfit wise

Dress – Anna Scholz White Label
Leggings – Evans
Necklace – The Shape of Lies NY

The other thing that happened this week was that I went to a brief bit of British Plus Sized Fashion Weekend. I had really been in two minds about this from the start. I kind of applaud them for wanting to have a high profile mainstream approach to plus size fashion. I wasn’t so keen on the way that I did feel this event was excluding the people who are excluded from mainstream fashion. I wasnt very keen on the idea of the blogger only press day. Bloggers play a really important and influential part in taking forward plus fashion but it just didnt sit right with me. I did also not like the lack of acknowledgment of the work that both Plus London 1& 2 and Plus North have done.

Im a bit of a crap blogger and never seem to get on the right PR lists, so it was really important to me that I felt completely included and that my opinion was valid. Which was very much how the Plus London events were. I have also made some amazing friends through this.

However I was impressed that the fashion show had attracted some designers that I was really interested in. Namely One One Three and Cult of Cali. So I decided to buy a ticket for the fashion show, which was £20. It also gave me the chance to look at the marketplace and hopefully buy the 113 dress I was eying up.

Unknown to me my husband had got theatre tickets for Valentines. Kristen Scott-Thomas no less in Old Times. So I was really under a time pressure to get in look at the marketplace see about 45 mins of fashion and shoot out to get to theatre. I got there just before 5, so I thought a good hour to chat and look at the fashion. The market place was in a smallish hall that was pretty crowded and had a mixture of stalls, some selling cupcakes. I have to say I do agree with buttercupsfrocks on this point re this being a bit of pastiche.

Unfortunately, 113 wasnt even there that day ( only the exclusive press day) and cult of cali and the amazing Jen in the amazing Galaxy dress was packing up her stuff to take it upstairs for the fashion show. In fact a few people were packing up. So if you arrived for the fashion show you weren’t really getting the best of the market place. So disappointing.

We werent allowed upstairs for the fashion show until close to 6. There was nowhere to sit down and relax or refreshments. So lots of us stood crowded waiting in a stuffy corridor. Once again the best thing was the people there. The amazing Bethany ( my arched eyebrow), Boombands Em (oh the places you’ll go) , Amy Simon (These girls turn heads), Danielle (Danielle Varnier) , Becky (Mrs Be Be)and I met Buttercup. My bloody wordpress link thing is not working so please look up their links. It was great to see them and generally amazingly dressed women. This was the best bit of the day for me and I think many others.

Eventually they let us in to the runway. I was excited to see the clothes and the designers and Velvet whose Volup2 magazine is amazing. Even if I wouldnt get to see it all.

Oh no ladies! We had a very late start. Around 6.30 the mc came on, a female comedian in an ” I dont want to be a size zero t-shirt. Who made I felt, inappropriate comments well reported elsewhere about thin women. Time was a ticking. I though well maybe I might get to see 10 mins. No, we then had the deputy mayor giving a speech. At 6.40 I could hold on no longer and had to exit seeing none of the fashion. As I was going down the stairs the first set of models were waiting to come in. So £20 not a brilliant market place & no fashion show. Apart from seeing the other women, pretty much a waste of time for me. I do feel if your going to charge people a not insubstantial amount £45 for the day. You have to be organised better than this, particularly if your touting yourself as the premier plus size fashion event. Yes fashion shows run late, but we weren’t sitting waiting for Anna Wintour to dash over from the Tom Ford show, and we were being charged for the pleasure! I wont comment on the show as I had to leave and others have done this really well.

I really hope this continues and the more fashion based events the better but the organisation really need to improve and I think the ethos needs a bit of a rethink.

Lastly as always I will close with the now I think expected puppy porn. As the accessories are low key he’s helping showcase the print and fabric.


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Pencil Skirts and Pussy Bows

So its Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has had love in their life in one form or other today. Im just typing this up quickly before making some dinner for my lovely husband. M&S Dine in for Two special. Lovely. Husband on lates so once again somewhat cobbled together photos.

The challenge this week is pencil skirts and pussy bow blouses. I love a pencil skirt so it had to be that. The pencil skirt I have chosen is the very elusive asos curve multi sequin one. This was one of those pieces that appears and disappears from curve. Luckily Clare aka chattermonkey keeps an eagle eye out and spots when the odd one lands back on the site. So I was lucky to get it.

I hadnt managed to find the right place to wear it as I was ill all over Christmas so I decided to dress it down for work.


I had to add the blazer to make it a bit formal so sorry for the two weeks of blazer. I wore it with a vintage style t-shirt, a replica of an original New Order t shirt I once had. I wore it with some ankle biker boots I have had for a couple of years from Evans.


The accessories today is a sale bargain from Christmas 2011 a bargain £8 from River Island who do fab accessories


So outfit is
Skirt – Asos Curve
T-Shirt – Topshop
Necklace – River Island
Blazer – H&M
Boots – Evans

This is a detail shot of the sequins and the necklace


Finally, once again a bit of accessory puppy porn


So sorry for the quick post today but please check out the other blogs in the challenge below. Once again my partner this week is Gemma.

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