3 Days of Heat ……& a wedding

This weekend has been extremely hot and humid in London. Im not a huge lover of summer in London for many reasons but this is probably the main one.  The other is that I have never been a summer clothes lover.  I just love Autumn Winter.  Summer meh!  So its always a bit of a challenge to dress how I like in the summer.  Im still dreaming of Prague, minus temperatures, huge Cos jumpers & fur hats.  So a summer wedding is even harder.

At the end of last month we went to a family wedding in a beautiful place called Ardfern, near Oban in Scotland.  The wedding was a lovely day, the best thing being able to reconnect with family who due to the miles between us we don’t get to do very often.

Like summer Im not good with weddings.  The traditional type of wedding outfit just doesn’t appeal to me or suit me.  So thank God for the rise of the maxi dress in the last few years.  i love maxi dresses.  They are comfortable, can add a bit of drama and best of all you don’t need tights.


The dress is by Simply Be . Its from last year and i don’t think its available any more but you may be able to pick one up on ebay. If you can its worth it. Its an amazing dress that was pretty expensive but is a classic very fitted style that looks amazing on. You may want to size up if you are looking for it. It also came in Raspberry. The jacket is from Marks and Spencer. The hair is carefully given the wrecked tousled look by the Scottish wind and a bit of a shower.

Back to the heat. Its been as i say muggy and hot the past few days in London. In the real heat i almost always turn to my Anna Scholz dresses. This week particularly the sunset print silk dress. There is an earlier blog post on this one but I will put a picture at the end. Anna’s dresses are amazing in the summer. The prints, the silk, the stretch in the silk along with the cut make them a dream to wear. This is one of my vintage Anna dresses and I have had this a few years now but I do not wear it nearly enough. I confess to having to tweet Anna to work out how to do the straps. Im determined to wear this winter with a cashmere jumper and biker jacket. The print is beautiful it yellow lilies on a black background. The pictures are once again by Claire’s lovely husband.

Anna Scholz maxi

Rob’s photo’s are so great I also have to use this one in black and white too

Vintage silk Anna Scholz dress & Porthos

Vintage silk Anna Scholz dress & Porthos

I love the expression on Porthos face in this one. He is developing a habit of trying to work his way in to blog post photos but thats fine.

In the spirit of truing to get wear out of this I added a t-shirt on top too

Vintage Anna Scholz maxi dress

Vintage Anna Scholz maxi dress

As mentioned earlier this is the sunset dress which you can see in an earlier post.


Thanks for reading & if your new have a look at my other posts



Back to Black

I wanted to do a quick post as its been a while since I last put anything up. This is mostly due to just being busy at work, back late, tired and visitors at the weekend.

So a couple of outfit posts and bit of looking forward.

Since my last post we had a bit of a downturn in the weather. Most of you know what a winter child I am, so the prospect of a rainy summer was not all that much of a tragedy for me. So it let me get a couple of sneaky winter leaning outfits in.

I just wanted to show you my Clements Ribeiro shell top for Evans. I love this top. When I first bought them I wasnt sure that I hadn’t made a bit of a mistake. Then I wore the purple one with skinny jeans in NY and have worn it lots since. I was a bit stuck with the black one though. Bit too voluminous to wear with dress trousers and cant wear jeans for work. I tried it with leggings. I like it! Im lucky in that my legs are my thinnest part, so with my Evans high black platforms its an outfit I really love wearing.


Shell top – Clements Ribeiro for Evans
Leggings – Evans
Shoes – Evans

Im really looking forward to the A/W collection. The 3 pieces I bought have been worth every penny. This is a rare total Evans outfit for me. I dont buy a lot from Evans these days as I find it just doesn’t do fashion any more, but I will be back for the next collection launch.

I also managed to get a bit of a sneaky A/W outfit in. Im so looking forward to next season. Loads of dark dramatic clothes. Goth glam, embellished baroque to the simple lines of Raph’s last collection for Jil Sander. So this was a bit of a joy.



Dress – GAP
Biker Jacket – Simply Be
Necklace – Top Shop

This biker jacket is from Simply Be a few years ago. Its just starting to soften up properly and feel really comfortable. Biker jackets are due to be huge this A/W with lots already appearing in the high street new season drops.

The last thing I have to add is a quick look at my first Etsy purchase. This is a kaftan from Golddust Dresses. They use 70’s patterns and vintage printed Indian cotton fabric. Can I just say this is a lovely lovely thing. It could go so badly wrong but its beautiful. Its quite fitted around the top and the bust and then flows in a gradual bias cut. Its very flattering. I got it to swan around on my holiday to Mexico but its just too nice, so it will get more summer outings and I will definitely be wearing it with the biker jacket and boots in the winter.



I will do a better post on this with better pictures soon.

I have already succumbed and got the odd bit of A/W from the stuff coming into store. I have ordered a winter coat. This is an M&S Autograph coat that is very Jil Sander in style and very much one of the big story’s for next season. Its a very simple cocoon shape in an amazing Royal Blue. It goes up to 22 but may also fit a bit bigger as its a little over size. The pictures on the web dont do it justice, especially the colour and the shape. Apparently its selling out very quickly, as usual especially in the bigger sizes so if you like the look of it get it soon. I get very frustrated by the coat issue and rarely buy a coat from a plus retailer. They just dont seem to get them right, they are always a bit off, late and the fabric never seems to have an edge or shape if its needed. They seem to make a particular mess of military coats. I really do wish they would realise that some of us suit a strong silhouette and sculptural shapes.

M&S Autograph Cocoon Coat

I also bought this sweatshirt from the Indigo range which really has the odd gem. Again going towards the embellished trend for winter. I think I will wear this with dark jeans and maxi skirts, probably also over a pencil skirt and shoe boots. Again this looks much better in the flesh.

M&S Indigo Embellished Sweatshirt


London has been very, very hot this last week. Im not a summer girl, never have been. Im just not keen on summer fashion. I struggle in summer to combine comfortable, cool, fashionable and London. Im a bit in mourning this week as the amazing vintage fur coat I found in New York has headed off to cold storage for the summer. Im counting the weeks for its return and the lovely AW wardrobe.

London, dont let anyone tell you any different is very very oppressive in the high heat.
This summer has been particularly difficult due to my well documented hatred of pastels, frou frou sweety dresses and the majority of prints. I cant do sweet. My lack of natural waist can make me look a touch docker-ish. So with temperatures hitting 29 degrees this week. What the hell do you do? I am boring myself with black though, so I have taken the plunge and bought some colour and prints.

I thought I would share a couple of my heat week outfits.

This is something I bought from Windsmoor sale about 5 years ago. It sat in the wardrobe for about 3 as I couldnt work out what the hell to do with it. When kimonos emerged last year it jumped into becoming a summer staple. Its pure silk and is so nice to wear and cool.


Still forcing the husband to take pics and you can see he is still not keen.


Top – Windsmoor
Trousers – Very So Fabulous

On Saturday I went to a clothes swap that Katie G had organised. Red bows boutique, claire, sian and sally were there. Always as usual great to meet up with the amazing ladies, swap unloved clothes and gain new free ones ( thanks Sally for the polka dot skirt which is coming to Mexico with me). I unfortunately didnt get any pics but wore cobalt blue jeans from New Look Inspire and the asos curve blondie t-shirt with the jacket in the next picture.

Sunday was my husbands birthday and we went for lunch in One Aldwych. A great deal of 3 course brunch with unlimited Prosecco. Its a lovely hotel and I wanted something a bit more formal but cool and comfortable again.


Jacket – asos curve
Top – GAP pure
Trousers – Evans
Shoes – New Look

I wore some harem trousers which I got from Evans a couple of years ago, pre the death of fashion there. They are in a really fluid fabric but are not too wide. I really like the jacket. Its very light and fluid and is a lovely nude rose colour.
We had a great lunch and took advantage of the Prosecco. We were going to finish off with a cocktail in the bar downstairs but it was invaded by the whole cast of Made in Chelsea. Im sorry those who like this but for me, if there was ever an advert for socialism this is it.

Yesterday I think I went a bit mad, but I actually like this outfit. I wanted to clash prints and colours.
I enjoyed it.


Aagh my comfort blanket, the ever present Breton top



Jacket – asos curve (sale)
Top – Very South
Trousers – Very So Fabulous
Necklace – Shape of Lies
Flip Flops – Havainas (pretty much live in them, esp going to work all summer)

That leaves today. Another top that doesnt get enough outings but Im going to wear it more.


This is a really interesting blouse. A bit waterfally but a beautiful pearl/dove grey colour with dandelion print in gold. Its a very fluid but still a bit structural in a way I love it. Im now also experimenting with self timer on the photos, so a wee bit dodge.

Jacket – asos curve ( this is the rose one in black)
Blouse – Topshop
Trousers – Simply Be

Its now cooling down, so I may be able to revert back to my usual black and weekend skinny jeans staples.

On a shopping note. New Look Inspire have some amazing bright 7/8th trousers in at the moment. They also have amazing shoes including some great styles in wide fit. I went a bit shoe mental after the clothes swap in New Look and ended up with a pair of peep toe flatforms, gold grecian sandals and a great pair of flatform brogues. I will post on them soon.

New York – Part 1


So inspired by so many but especially Claire of http://amonkeyfatshionista.wordpress.com/ and Lauren of http://www.pocketrocketfashion.com/ and Sally I am aiming to kickstart my blogging. So please bear with me as Im not used to wordpress yet and I havent had time to put in everyone’s blog addresses that I read and get inspiration from. Also just previewed and havent worked out how to rotate the pics etc.

I comment on a lot of things and do attend some of the plus fashion things but I havent took the full step into blogging, but I thought why the hell not. Most people know me by my Cruella twitter name so i have renamed it too. Its probably not going to be wildly frequent and I can guaruntee the photos wont be as good as Claires or many others but I did start the husband off on his tutorial while I was away. So we may get there.

I have recently come back from a trip to New York so I thought that was probably the perfect thing to start on.

On the plane over I thought you probably cant get a happier time than on the flight out to a trip to New York. So I took the advantage to watch Shame on the plane. It was amazing but bloody hell was I glad I picked a happy time to watch it. Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan are both truly wonderful. There are bits in it where you can just feel the despair of both of them. If you havent seen it do, but really pick a happy time.

Part of our holiday was to renew our vows. The husband and I have been married 4 years now and our wedding was brilliant but a bit frantic. I didnt have the time before to give the attention I wanted to our vows and pretty much ad-libbed. I really wanted to make this up to the husband and recognise that 4 years in we love each other even more than the day we married. Sorry, stomach churning `I know. He also is the romantic in our relationship and does so much for me. So I organised this as a secret with the reverend who married us. I had booked a small community garden in the East Village for the ceremony which looked lovely on the web.

This was all secret. So fashion wise this had to be all done on the hoof, so no flowing dress etc for me. I really did want this to be casual and intimate. I did get a bit of grief packing of the why are you taking that variety!

So even though on the day we had a glorious sunny day I was determined to wear my Anna Scholz for Simply Be jacket and I brought the tiara from my wedding day. I very much had to literally plonk this on as my husband walked into the garden in front of me and saw the Reverend.

I wore

Jacket – Anna Scholz for Simply Be
Top – GAP Pure
Jeans – High Rise skinny by Very
Shoes- Evans

It really was a lovely ceremony. The husband was completely shocked. The Garden was beautiful and he was really pleased.

This picture pretty much sums us up



As a second wedding breakfast we went to a great Mexican in the East Village and had Enchiladas and big Margaritas.



Afterwards we went to the Big Gay Ice Cream shop a couple of blocks along on East 7th street where there are huge queues at about 11 at night. Amazing ice cream


On the same street I found a brilliant little shop selling jewellery by small designers call The Shape of Lies that has all been cast and made in New York. I saw this little man in the window and had to have him.

He is silver and gold plated, just the nicest thing. You can wear him long and short. Hes carved like a proper bear but on roller skates. While I was there I also had to have this Tatty Devine esque necklace which was very reasonable.


On the same street was some great vintage shops which had some pretty reasonable stuff in there. I really would recommend the East Village. Its relaxed and has great shops for one off, small designers and vintage. Its a bit of a maze and if you find somewhere you like make sure you get the address as you will never find it wandering around again. We wanted to go to a bar called Death and Company on East 6th street but as we didnt have any government issued id we couldnt get in. I thought he was taking the piss at first but apparently this is quite common as the City is using it as an income generator to issue fines where not everyone has an id in bars. We did get there later in the week but we went to the Bourgeois Pig in the next street which was also great. There are lots of speakeasy style cocktail bars in NY at the moment. Again the East Village around 1st and 2nd Avenue is great for bars and restaurants but apparently dont go over further than Avenue B.

So first blog entry done! I will talk a bit more re the shopping on the next one. All comments appreciated. It will get better as it goes along.